January 22nd, 2013

The shape of things to come… exciting times ahead…..

Well, since posting my last blog post of 2012, some exciting new developments have begun to unfold.   I have been considering the possibility of finding a new permanent home and studio space for Walllace Artworks, but more crucially, I have acquired an assistant.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Chris on board.  I’m sure he’s going to prove a great asset to the business and he’ll have an important role as we look to the future.  I KNOW we are going to have many laughs along the way (it was an essential job role criteria that he laugh at all of my rubbish jokes and he is adept at this).  But, MOST importantly… he makes a great cup of coffee! 😉

Here he is demonstrating his phone answering skills!………

Chris Stewart posing_ppSharpened

Happy New Year! A photographic Review of 2012

Hello everyone!

I know I’m a little late with the New Year wishes, but as this is my first blog post of the year…. I thought it best I acknowledge that we have indeed entered 2013.

I didn’t really update my blog nearly as often as I should last year. There were lots of exciting jobs and personal highlights that I didn’t get around to sharing with you, including great weddings at Gean House in Alloa and Napier Craighouse in Edinburgh (one of my personal favourite wedding venues).

I also neglected to tell you about my adventures to London’s Hammersmith Apollo and Glasgow’s SECC for Ultravox, or Aberdeen’s AECC for The Killers including an interesting encounter with a rather smooth Ronnie Vannucci.

I may still revisit some of those past jobs I find interesting, however I have put together a little photographic review for your perusal.  This enabled me to also trial some new software I am considering adding to my arsenal.  Please excuse the software branding, as I say it was testing the waters with a trial version.

I found it very hard to choose my top 50 images, there were so many to choose from…. However, I think it will give you a little flavour of my year.  I have put it together with what I would consider the best song released in the same year.  Yes, contraversial… don’t all contradict me… it’s personal taste.  It was this or “Flesh and Bone” by The Killers.  Instead I have opted for “Live” by Ultravox, details of which are listed on the youtube blurb.

So, I guess all I have to say is…. ENJOY!