>Print your OWN photos

>Well….. as you know digital photography has meant that we all have image files stored on our devices, but we are printing our photos less and less.

I’m often asked if I will print other people’s photos straight from their camera on to canvas etc. It’s not a service I offer for various reasons, but mainly because it wouldn’t be very cost effective for the client.
I have however found a solution for you…… you have taken a photo you’re really proud of, you want a good quality printed product so that you can admire your handy work……. well….
I’d suggest and recommend Pinhole Press. Pinhole Pro, brought to you via GF Smith, who are a large supplier to the PRO photography market, has expanded it’s facilities to offer services to consumers. So you know you’re going to get a good quality product, but at a consumer level price point. Fab! so here’s the link…….. Pinhole Press
Take some pleasure in photographs again…… have them printed! 😉