>Season of Goodwill??????

>Hello folks,
I trust you all had a fabulous Christmas?!

The studio has been closed for a few days for various reasons, mainly because it is the holiday season. I came in today only to discover that someone has attempted to rip the little tree, which sits outs the shop, out of it’s pot. It’s in a really pitiful state. I’m hoping to be able to save it, however to be honest I’m furious. I don’t really have the time to keep doing this…. I’ve only had it a few weeks after my lovely bay style tree was ripped out completely by some moron. It was just left lying on the pavement next to the big wheely bin, which leads me to think this is being done purely out of spite and not as an attempt at theft. It was completely destroyed with no roots at all and completely beyond saving.

I hope you are happy whoever you are. You will be found out though…. As soon as I discover which day this happened on, we’ll be looking out the CCTV footage.

If anyone can help with any info regarding these instances of Vandalism, feel free to drop me a line at info@helenwallace.co.uk or pop in to the shop.
This latest incident must have occured between Sat 24th December and Today (Friday 30th December).

The original incident involving the first tree was discovered on the 31st October and so occurred around that time.

Let’s try and put a stop to these half-wits! 😉