>Yerbury Portraiture Seminar

>January saw me travel back through to Loxley Colour for the third in a series of seminars by Trevor and Faye Yerbury. This one focusing on the different types of social portraiture. The first half was loaded with tips and marketing ideas. Whilst the 2nd half was a practical lighting demonstration.
Having come to the conclusion that there were far too many cameras at the last Yerbury seminar, I decided to leave mine in the car. This unfortunately means that I don’t have any of my own images to share.
I have pinched one of Faye Yerbury’s images from Facebook (I really hope she doesn’t mind) to give a view of what the day was like. This particular image was captured by Faye, as Trevor demonstrated the lighting having been lowered. He did this as I had raised the question about my own studio having restricted height.

The seminar was everything I expected and more. Trevor’s style of delivery manages to not only inspire you to go straight to work and put all he has said into practice immediately, but he does it with great warmth and humour. Trevor and Faye are a delightful, extremely talented couple who are a pleasure to learn from. I hope to see much more of them in the future as I have a feeling they have much more to teach, and I have so much more to learn!