>Don’t Do it!!!!!!

>Looking through the photographs I was going to post on my previous blog update, I was reminded of just how intrusive other people taking photographs at a wedding can be.

The use of flash on your camera can actually impact on the photographs the professional is being paid to take. If you are a guest at a wedding PLEASE think…. you love your friend/relative don’t you? otherwise you wouldn’t be attending their wedding. Then please consider the money they have spent on having a professional photographer there in attendance.

Each of these photos are potential ruined shots that can never be re-captured and could lead to disappointment of your friends…. the ones paying out money for the pro to do his/her job!

THIS is why you shouldn’t just snap away willy-nilly at the “best bits” or during the ceremony (infact many venues don’t allow you to take photos during the ceremony at all, so take heed)

THIS shot was taken after the registrar had already said and I quote “if you could all just stay seated while the bride and groom sign the paperwork”…….

If someone officiating the wedding is TELLING you to remain seated, then please do so….. I turned around after taking this shot realising that someone was behind me, only to discover that at least half a dozen people were.
So please, if you are attending a wedding….. please have some respect!
I’m not saying, don’t take any photos….. but take them at an appropriate time.

Ok, rant over…….. lol