>Wallace Artworks is officially a member of the Chamber of Commerce


Hello folks,

At the beginning of September I had the very good fortune to attend the AGM of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, as a guest of the chamber. The speaker for the morning was Sir Tom Farmer, whom I have had the privelidge of hearing speak before.

His speech was delightful…. witty, poignant, inspirational and humourous. (Some words from Sir Tom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGMSxDIfPKE&NR=1 )

I’m not so great with the whole networking thing to be honest. When I had first walked in the room all I saw were 300+ suits and I just felt like I was in the wrong place. Sitting at the table with another 9 or so strangers, didn’t really appeal and I didn’t have a lot to say (not like me I hear you retort)….. much prefering to observe the event’s photographer and scrutinise what gear he was using etc.

I just felt as if everyone already knew each other and I was very much on the periphery. Infact during the “networking” part of the morning, the only business card I managed to get was Sir Tom Farmer’s, (and I think I was the only person he gave one to), whilst he kindly told me to stop by for a cup of tea.

However, all that said…. I did actually enjoy the event. I love the idea of support for your business. I love the idea of picking business people’s brains in order to further your business. I’m also hoping that dedicating more time as a “businesswoman” will enable me to be more business minded. Whilst I like to think I’m quite good at what I do…. it is a creative job, and “business” perhaps doesn’t come as easily as the creative side.

So it is with a sense of pride that I announce that Wallace Artworks is now officially a member of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.